This is where we will share more wonderful stories of adoptions and happy animal stories with you. If you have any let us know!

shania cat ASB shania kitten ASB

Here is (above photos)  sweet, Shaina, who is somewhat handicapped with locomotor issues.. A wonderful woman named Svetlana has been Shaina’s Purr-son for these few years since we rescued the kitten, whose story is as follows:

A few years ago, a fellow rescuer and I were having tea at her home in suburban NJ. We had been saying how refreshing it was for once not to be dealing with a crisis, a rescue, abandoned animals, all the business-as-usual  that occupied us 24/7. When it became too warm to sit out back, we moved to her shaded front porch and saw a tiger cat scamper across the road to behind my friend’s house and then return across the road from whence she came. We were wondering about it when suddenly we noticed her returning, this time with a creature in her mouth. We initially thought she’d caught a poor, defenceless bird or ?? and called out to her to let it go.

The cat stopped right in front of my friend’s house, gently dropped the creature and it was a tiny kitten, about 3 weeks old, absolutely beautiful. The mother stood there and “talked” to us telepathically, asking us to take the kitten, as she didn’t think she could look after it properly. We didn’t know if she was preparing for the winter and could see that the kitten was physically challenged and might not make it, or if there were a litter behind one of the houses and this kitten was just one too many,  but she was definitely asking for our help.

At the same time, it was clear that she was giving us the option of refusal, so she stayed there till we sorted it.

Cybill, as I called the kitten that day (because she resembled Cybil Shepherd when she was young & beautiful) sat in my arms as wediscussed the matter with Mom. I explained that I was going back to the city so she’d never see the baby again; I would of course find a good home for Cybil but I already had a house full of rescue and resident animals, plus her baby would need bottle-feeding for a while. I asked her if she were sure she wanted to give up the baby  and she stood her ground and just looked at us, telling us she trusted us to do the right thing. (It was true that she’d been watching us for a while before bringing the kitten to us, which we had begun to realize but hadn’t made the connection.)

When we said we would, she turned and never looked back and my friend never saw her again in the neighborhood, though she often looked for her. I took the bus back to Port Authority with Cybil sitting quietly in a carrier (which I placed on a seat, while I stood up in the crowded weekend bus!). The driver wasn’t happy about it but I said I wasn’t leaving the bus and that was that. When I got to the city, I phoned one of our vets, who were almost closing (everyone closes so early on Saturdays, it’s quite ridiculous!) and demanded they wait for me. They said they had no room, no time and were rushed off their feet and I just hung up and grabbed a cab. They checked her out and I brought her home, where my neighbors and I took turns bottle-feeding this beautiful creature. I did a swap with another rescue person, who already had bottle babies at her home, and I took a hard-to-place kitten whom I named Gaia, in her stead. And that’s another story for another time.
But Shaina (as she became, once Svetlana fell in love with her and took her home),  has lived up to her name. It is the colloquial Yiddish for Schone,  German for pretty/beautiful, and that’s what she is. Her Mom knew that we would make sure Shaina would be in good hands and we knew that we would never let her down.



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