bonded buddies

These 5 year old lovebugs love each other and would love to have your love! They are bonded and need to be adopted together!

Contact ASB at 888-717-74747 to meet this beautiful pair- they are healthy, up to date on all shots and being fostered uptown.


photo-7photo-3image001image002It was a warm April New York City evening. The excitement grew all day as we couldn’t wait to pick up the newest member of our family. Thus far it was only the three of us: two humans and Lovey, the Queen of the house. She’s been the only kitty in the house, so we were quite curious how she would react to a fellow feline. Well, she didn’t take it well. It was quite obvious she was very upset with us, how dare we bring another cat into HER house!
At first he was scared, he cried at night and wouldn’t come out from his safe spot behind the mirror, but we gave him time and with his courage he got more brave and ventured out. It seemed like in a matter of days he became comfortable and adventures in his discovery of his new home.
At Gregg’s apartment he was one of the smaller kitties and it seemed like he realized almost overnight that he now is the biggest one of the cats in the house and the smaller one is going to be an easy one to get along with. Even though there were fights and chases and serious stare downs, they coexisted
It was just when he became comfortable in his new home that we decided to move out of the city for a while. Both Willow and Lovey watched us pack all the boxes and suitcases and take everything out of the apartment. All in one van, we started a drive to Florida. The first 8 hours were the hardest, but the kitties did very well, especially Willow – he was cool and composed, watching the world outside the windows. Oh how happy our two babies were when we arrived in a hotel half way to our destination, new places, new smells, quite a heaven for them. We did have to keep the tv on all night, because they were quite loud and talking to us and each other all night!
Once we got to Florida, our new life begun. It was a change for all of us, especially the little ones. The first uneasy steps in, a few sniffs here and there and the case was settled. Our new home has become Willow’s, there was no doubt about that. Willow decided to become the King of the house, he supervises all activities, human and feline and most importantly, Willow became the protector of the house. Any creature that approached the house would have to deal with his wrath. He sits upon his perch to oversee his domain and ensure all his subjects, cats and humans are following his rules.
Willow was given a window bed perched high up on our patio glass window, he watches the waves come and go, surveys all the birds, rabbits, dogs, humans and other kitties that come into view. He sits on his his high throne majestically, watching the world as he reminds himself, it’s good to be the king. HAIL TO THE KING WILLOW!!!!

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