Resolve to send all of your adoptable pets home microchipped in 2013.  Through the Chip FurKeeps program, you can add budget savings to your list of resolutions too!

In  partnership with HomeAgain, Petfinder member shelters and rescue groups can earn a FREE microchip each time you have an adopter register a microchip for their pet at the time of adoption using your Petfinder Shelter ID, through a dedicated Chip FurKeeps website and phone number.

Educating adopters on the importance of microchipping and keeping contact information updated is an important part of a successful microchipping program.  Petfinder and HomeAgain are offering your adopters a discounted registration fee of $10.99 for the first year. This includes LIFETIME microchip registration and the ability to update contact information at no cost.

To participate in the Chip FurKeeps program, register your organization by calling 1-888-HOMEAGAIN (choose prompt 4, then prompt 1).

Visit for more information.

– Petfinder Outreach Team